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e-Thinkshop 3

New Date 1 June 2022

10 Am GMT

La Theorie Postcolonial, Culture, Capitalism, Chaos;

Author: Leon Marie Njodo 9783838216454.html

English translation (Preface by R. Mbele and introduction) available here

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The book will be discussed on the

1. June, 2022

The meeting starts at 10 am GMT

Deadline for the submission of comments

15. May 2022

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Thinkshop 4

About the book

"Estado Real Social", Antonio Dores

3 Extension Sessions

All in July 2022, all at 10 am GMT

Thinkshop 4.1 July 10: "Human Nature"

1. Human nature (associated text: Humanity’s all-too-brief social history)

Thinkshop 4.2 July 17: Knowledge-Power Collusion"

Knowledge-power colusion (associated texts: Method – abolitionist centrifugal sociology and Imperial strategy – does the state protect people? )

Thinkshop 4.3 July 24: Corruption, Racism and Action

On corruption, racism and action (associated texts: Corruption – to write what is right, to do what is rational, Racism – reducing people to human resources, and What to do? – abolishing imperial thinking hegemony)

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