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Conference Series

"Living in a world of Nation states"

Europe 4

The citizen society and their nation state

University of Vienna


15 -16 November 2021

Conference Announcement

Call for papers by the 31.August 2021


Thinkshop 1 Announcement

"Beyond Reason: Postcolonial Theory and the Social Sciences"

Author: Sanjay Seth

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The book will be discussed on a video event on

Postponed to 9 November, 2021

Deadline for the submission of comments

31. August 2021

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WorldSSH Net Objectives

The "World Social Sciences and Humanities Network"

    • aims to develop a world social sciences and humanities community - beyond any hegemonic patterns of science

    • reflects on social phenomena worldwide - beyond the theoretical frameworks of nationally confined societies

    • promotes dialogue and cooperation between scholars from the social sciences and the humanities - beyond the boundaries of disciplines.

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