objectives and Timetable


Thinkshops are events aiming at the collective reflections on theories making a substantial contribution to the progress of social thought. Theories discussed on thinkshops may come from any social science discipline. Thinkshops discuss only one theory and do this one full day, fueled by comments about these theories coming from the thinkshop participants. Theories discussed on thinkshops will be distributed to the interested people 2 months before the event to provide time to read. People interested in joining a thinkshop about a particular theory are invited to submit comments about the discussed theory. The comments from the invited participants joining the thinkshops will be circulated among all participants 2 weeks before the events. Thinkshops are carried out electronically in order to avoid any financial barriers for participating.


Thinkshop 1

9. November 2021

Beyond Reason: Postcolonial Theory and the Social Sciences; Author: Sanjay Seth

Commenting papers:

  1. Ivan Costa Marques

  2. Antonio Dores

  3. Michael Kuhn

Thinkshop 2

29. January 2022

Critique of the globalisation and de-colonization of the social sciences; Author: Michael Kuhn



Thinkshop 3: 28, February 2022;

La Theorie Postcolonial, Culture, Capitalism, Chaos; Author: Leon Marie Njodo

English translation available here

Thinkshop 4: April 2022;

Estado Real Social (English translation will be provided towards the end of 2021); Author: Antonio Dores

The English version will be available by the end of 2021.

Thinkshop 5: June 2022;

Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking…A life in science and conviviality; Author: Hebe Vessuri

The book will be availbale in March 2022.

Thinkshop 6: October 2022;

Towards a Non-hegemonic Social Science; Author: Shujiro Yazawa

The book will be availbale in spring 2022.